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Chase Josephson

6-Week Nutrition Challenge

6-Week Nutrition Challenge

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The biggest barrier to achieving your desired physique or fitness goals is nutrition.

I have yet to meet someone who struggles to workout more than they do eat right! This eBook covers everything you need to CHANGE your physique in JUST 6 WEEKS! The 6-Week Nutrition Challenge is ideally paired with the Train Like An Athlete eBook!


- How to calculate macronutrients for weight loss / gain
- How to build meals
- Full grocery guide
- 11 breakfast ideas, 10 lunch & dinner ideas, 10 snack ideas

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE?! If you follow this plan and commit every single day for 6 weeks without any change - I will refund you. BUT, you must come back with proof of daily accountability with 6-weeks worth of:

1. daily macros tracked on MyFitnessPal
2. weekly physique updates (6 total)
3. daily scale records (date, weight)
4. and honesty that you trained hard and put in valuable work
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